Become a NEW DEV on the Block

Have you always wanted to build your own website but something held you back? Maybe because you thought you were not that techie after all? Then these two days are exactly for you! We take the first few steps down the web development road together and the best thing is that it’s all completely free of charge.


Day 1 - Build your own website

On day 1 (8:45-5) of your first dev adventure you’ll learn the basics of HTML and CSS and get the chance to build your very own website. With hands-on support from your badass coaches Sara, Klara, Carolyn, Martin and Nico and an awesome crew of like-minded people.

Day 2 - Talks

On day 2 (9-5) it’s all about sharing insights about web development, finding the right resources to dive a little deeper and what can help if a career within the digital ecosystem doesn’t sound like too bad of an idea after all. Last but certainly not least, we want to put you in the center of these two days. So please bring all your questions and doubts and ask it away!


Day 2 is all about sharing knowledge with great talks. Each talk will have a dedicated Q/A session.

How to Web Development in 2019

Starting in web development can be overwhelming because there are so many technologies, frameworks, and skills - that someone might need to know. Let's take a 10'000ft overview of what's going on when it comes to front-end development. Get an idea of possible learning paths, the different specializations in web development and useful resources the become an awesome developer.
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JavaScript for #NewDevs

Once you started walking down the web development road, one of your next stops will be JavaScript. It's the world's most popular programming language for a couple of reasons: It can run in most places like the browser, backend. It's super approachable for newcomers as their first programming language. And it can be used in a wide variety of fields like Interactivity, Data Visualization, Generative Art.
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Layouting with CSS in 2019

In the old days of layouts with CSS, it was all about tables and floats, but thankfully these days are over. Nowadays it's all about CSS Grid and Flexbox - the two swiss army knives of Layouting. Let's dive into modern approaches of layout powered by CSS in 2019.

No one knows what they are doing

Go into detail about how all of us feel the pressure no matter how long we have been in the industry. The idea is that as soon as you start coding you will have this in the back of your mind so you don’t feel alone or bad when you feel like you don’t know what you are doing.
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A11Y - Accessibility

Imagine being on the phone and trying to use a website at the same time, or think about a blind person accessing the web. We need to build our websites in ways that everyone can use them, no matter their physical capabilities. The web is for everyone and we need to build it that way. So let's take a look at how we can make our websites accessible for all our users.
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Movement conveys meaning. Through animations we can grab the users attention and make our content more meaningful. We will look at what we can (and should) animate, how CSS animations work and what things we should be paying attention when adding movement to websites.
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Resources, Learning, Getting help

There is too much internet, it’s easy to get lost and not know what to search or learn. This talk aims at showing useful things we have found when scrapping the internet for materials. It will also guide you through how some of us approach learning and asking for help.
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Panel: One year in tech - the newcomers retrospective

So how is working in tech? What are the most challenging things within your first years as a developer? Why not ask some developers who jumped into tech only a few years ago. In this panel, we will reveal all the highs and lows as a junior developer.

Join us

This is a truly unique possibility for true development newbies to get in touch with frontend development – join us and become a new dev on the block in no time! Don’t miss out and apply now until June 5 – spaces are limited to 20 participants only!
The workshop will be in english and please bring your own notebook.

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Sara Vieira

Sara Vieira

Developer @codesandbox. GraphQL and Open Source enthusiast. Conference Speaker and Airport expert. Also severely into drums and horror movies. Thinks she's way funnier than she is in reality.

Klara Fleischmann

Klara Fleischmann

Self taught frontend developer @ xbAV. JavaScript wizard in the making. Passionate about UX & generative art. And "I am not qualified for any of this." - Daniel Shiffman.

Carolyn Stransky

Carolyn Stransky

Carolyn is a developer and ex-journalist based in Berlin. Outside of work, she's a Mozilla Tech Speaker and co-organizer of BerlinJS. You’ll usually find her taking selfies in the nearest restroom.

Martin Splitt

Martin Splitt

Martin is open source contributor and web evangelist by heart from Zurich with a decade experience from the trenches of software engineering in multiple fields. He works as a Webmasters Trends Analyst / Developer Advocate at Google for Search & web ecosystem.

Nico Koenig

Nico Koenig

Nico is a freelancer and trainer for HTML, CSS & JavaScript. In his non-existing free time, Nico organizes the Franken JS meetup and brews some kickass hand ground coffee.

Location and date

The Event will happen on 29th & 30th of July 2019. The Event is scheduled from 9am to 5pm.

ZOLLHOF - Tech Incubator
Kohlenhofstraße 60
90443 Nürnberg

Code of Conduct

Because this event should be awesome for everybody, we have a Code of Conduct everyone should obey by.